[Cocoa-sharp] Newbie

Adhamh Findlay mono@adhamh.comc
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 15:42:16 -0700


The best thing to do is to download the Mono 1.0.1 framework for OS X
from the Mono site.

Then get the current test release of the cocoa# package from

This contains a pretty lame example...

Other examples are available here:


Finally, the anonymous cvs repository for Mono holds the cocoa-sharp module.

There really aren't ANY api docs right now.  This is on my list once I
finish getting the build scripts done.  Actually this might be an area
you can help out in...  :-)


Casey Manus wrote:

>Ok, I am an experience senior C#, .Net developer who owns a Mac at home.  I am interested in seeing what Cocoa#
>Does anyone have any documentation or at least a code sample for a simple form / window with maybe a few buttons and textboxes, other controls? How are events handled? I know nothing about Cocoa programming at all.
>Also is everything I need provided by the framework package I downloaded from www.mono-project.com?
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