[Cocoa-sharp] Cocoa# problem with UTF-8 strings...

grompf grompf@sublimeintervention.com
Wed, 26 Jan 2005 02:18:56 -0500

On 26-Jan-05, at 2:12 AM, Edward J. Sabol wrote:

> Hey,
> In this Cocoa# application that I'm developing, I'm reading an XML file
> (originally created with System.Xml.Serialization's XmlSerializer) 
> using
> XmlDocument. The XML file specifies encoding="utf-8". When I pass 
> these C#
> strings to a DataSource connected to a NSOutlineView, however, the 
> UTF-8
> characters in some of the entries are not displayed properly. It looks 
> like
> they're being displayed as if the encoding were not being taken into
> consideration. I think there were some recent changes to Cocoa# to 
> make C#
> strings and NSStrings transparently interchangeable? Note that my 
> version of
> Cocoa# is a nightly tarball from about 10 days ago... Anyway, I was 
> wondering
> if this is a Mono bug with System.Xml, a Cocoa# bug with string 
> encodings, or
> if I'm just doing something wrong. The latter wouldn't surprise me at 
> all.
> :-) Any ideas? Can I force the strings to be interpreted as UTF-8 by 
> Cocoa
> somehow?

First off; I'm not sure that we publish nightly tarballs?  At least I 
never knew we did.

Anyways we do hide NSStrings as strings; but this shouldn't matter.  
Can you make a testcase and file a bug and I'll move it to mono if