[Cocoa-sharp] Re: Cocoa# problem with UTF-8 strings...

Urs Muff umuff@QUARK.com
Wed, 26 Jan 2005 13:31:45 -0700

I get
'Illegal instruction'
When trying to use this patch with monodoc (my only test client).

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     Please try your code against cocoa# from SVN with this patch

Index: generator/custom/Foundation/TypeConverter.cs
--- ../cocoa-sharp/generator/custom/Foundation/TypeConverter.cs =20
(revision 38922)
+++ ../cocoa-sharp/generator/custom/Foundation/TypeConverter.cs =20
(working copy)
@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@
                                 return nsObj.Raw;
                         string str =3D obj as string;
                         if (str !=3D null)
-                               return new NSString(str).Raw;
+                               return =20
((NSString)(NSString.StringWithUTF8String (str))).Raw;
                         throw new Exception("Net2NS: not handled type =20
of object: " + obj.GetType());

On 26-Jan-05, at 3:12 AM, grompf wrote:

> On 26-Jan-05, at 2:59 AM, Edward J. Sabol wrote:
>>> I'm not sure that actually is nightly; adhamh can you confirm?
>> Well, I have SVN now, so I could upgrade to the latest version if you

>> think
>> that would help.
> Yes definately run from SVN
>>> Are you even sure NSOutlineView can take UTF8 without some
>> I have no idea. I would hope it could, assuming the NSStrings are =20
>> initialized
>> correctly. I think the Finder use NSOutlineView for "View as List" =20
>> and file
>> names are UTF-8, right? But the Finder probably subclasses the heck =20
>> out of
>> NSOutlineView, if it uses it at all, so I don't know. Anyway, if =20
>> there's
>> another NS control/view you'd like me to test it with that you know =20
>> handles
>> UTF-8 strings, I could probably attempt to do so...
> Ok I think I know what the problem here is; our string hiding does
> new NSString (str).Raw;
> which is:
> public NSString(string str) : =20
> this((IntPtr)ObjCMessaging.objc_msgSend=20
> (NSString_classPtr,"stringWithCString:",typeof(IntPtr),typeof=20
> (string),str),false) {}
> which in your case should be
> stringWithUTF8String:
> We'll have a chat about this (me and urs) tomorrow and think about how

> to handle
> -kangaroo
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