[Cocoa-sharp] Cocoa 0.2 Release Update

Adhamh Findlay mono@adhamh.com
Wed, 26 Jan 2005 14:15:16 -0800

Hi All,

Let me know if anyone disagrees with any of the below....

First off, my first child is due on Feb 11 so things are going to get 
nutty for me.  I imagine though I that I won't totally stop doing stuff 
on the computer because it will help me keep my sanity...

Secondly, Kangaroo and I discussed releasing 0.2 now versus waiting for 
Mono 1.0.6 and 1.1.4 (which should be available fairly soon).

One possibility would be for me to build a dmg now and release it to the 
people on the list and consider this an official beta of 0.2.  If any 
bugs are identified and fixed before 1.1.4 then I can just rebuild and 
release with the Mono releases.  I do like this approach as it will give 
some "bake time" to the build and see can see if the build process needs 
to change.

The other possibility is just release now and yet another is to wait for 
1.1.4 and release then.