[Cocoa-sharp] Cocoa# status (yet again)

Edward Carr ecarr at lightshipinc.com
Tue Apr 24 14:05:10 EDT 2007

What is the status of Cocoa# at this point? I sent in changes to Geoff
Norton 6 weeks ago, and haven't seen any of the changes applied to the SVN.
Is Geoff still the person to send updates to? Should I get access to the
Cocoa# SVN like appears everyone else now-a-days is getting? There are over
50 files changes/added, so this isn't a small patch.

Anyone have ideas what are my next steps in getting my changes applied to
the current source control?

Also, on a side note, I've found someone else that is having performance
issues with the current code in SVN. For those of you having performance
issues, what version of the MacOS are you using? For those of you not having
issues, what version of the MacOS are you using, as well? I've created a
wrapper around some of the Interop classes that use the old mechanism to
make Objective-C calls, rather than the new mechanism. I have a version of
this DLL that I could share with those of you having performance issues to
see if that improves the performance.

Thank you,
Edward Carr

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