[Mono-devel-list] Will Mono run on Playstation 3

Sergey Chaban serge at wildwestsoftware.com
Sat Jun 25 12:06:16 EDT 2005

I'd like to add my 2 cents to this Mono/PS3 discussion:
Awhile back, I had ported Mono (interpreter only) to PS2/Linux,
and it took me like 2-3 hours actually.
If Linux support for PS3 is anything like the current PS2 Linux kit,
it shouldn't be any more difficult than that.
CELL stuff is really quite irrelevant to Mono->PS3 porting,
it's only PowerPC core that matters, and a lot of PPC-related
work is already done.

> that would also mean that it would be very possible to use Sony games on your own Pc.

Not at all, whatever OS will be used on PS3 just doesn't matter in this case,
even porting (PS3/Linux->PC/Linux) wouldn't be any easier than it's now.
Hey, it's like expecting to play Dreamcast/WinCE games on your PocketPC (same OS)!


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