[Mono-devel-list] Operating System in C# Project

Elliot Paquette elbaami at gmail.com
Fri May 20 18:02:47 EDT 2005

At some level there will be some unmanaged code, sure, but I think
that the environment which you just described, Kornél, could be
considered an integral part of an operating system, if not for
simplicity's sake the operating system itself.  If you add the extra
contraint that only IL code will be executed (as in Singularity), then
the unmanaged requirements are further reduced.  I can not gauge the
technical challenges involved with such a project, however, and it may
well require hooking the Microsoft cash pump up to a vast team of


Elliot Paquette

On 5/20/05, Kornél Pál <kornelpal at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Is anyone interested in starting a project for doing an operating system
> > completely in managed code, à la Singularity that is being done in
> > Microsoft?
> An operating system cannot be written in managed code. If you will create
> something like an operating system using managed code it will be only a
> subsystem on the top of the underlaying operating system and other
> subsystems like Mono.
> An operating system is based on the hardware.
> I think I am not the only person who think so:
> http://www.google.co.hu/search?hl=en&q=define%3Aoperating+system
> Kornél
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