[Mono-dev] _wapi_handle_update_refs

Jakub Cermak cermiforum at centrum.cz
Thu Mar 23 14:35:59 EST 2006

Hi all,
I'm running mono on Debian Linux. I have following error every 
hour on 25th minute (XX:25).If I use mono on Windows, everything is OK.
Error debug mode:
** ERROR **: file handles.c: line 1640 (_wapi_handle_update_refs): 
assertion failed: (thr_ret == 0)

What can cause that error? I suspect threads, Queue or TcpClient 
classes, but I really don't know.
And what is _wapi_handle_update_refs function for?
Thanks for you help

Best regards

Jakub Cermak
ICQ 159971304

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