[Mono-dev] Mono Datasets

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sat Dec 8 16:23:54 EST 2007


    Would you be able to attach a sample that fails, and file that as a
bug report?   We would love to fix it, but the more details, the better.
And if you have a test case, that reduces our response time even more.

On Sat, 2007-12-08 at 10:36 +0000, Gwyneth Morrison wrote:
> Good Day, I have been working with Mono Datasets and Visual Studio
> Dataset Designer in Linux reading the data from an XML file. The code
> produced by Visual studio compiles without any warnings or errors as
> well as our test program. We are reading the data from the above
> mentioned xml file with readxml. After about a week of head banging,
> we discovered that the xmlns construct below must be present and
> correct. Apparently the URL is not an issue but the .xsd must be
> correctly named and exist in the current directory. Windows gives a
> warning if the filename and dataset name do not match but works
> anyway. Windows gives no warning if it is missing but apparently picks
> it up from the current directory. Now this all makes sense except:
> Without the Visual Studio wrapper, in Mono, the data is read even
> without the xmlns directive. (It works fine) With the Visual studio
> wrapper, Mono gives no warning or exception either way, it just
> doesn't read any data and doesn't tell you about it. The resulting
> tables are empty. After a long time, we figured it out, but a warning
> at least would be helpful. Perhaps there is some option to allow such
> warnings to be given. Thank you Gwyneth
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