[Mono-dev] Mono performance rocks!

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Thu Feb 1 13:23:14 EST 2007

On 02/01/07 pablosantosluac wrote:
> We also checked with a much less powerful server: 1'8Ghz Pentium IV with
> 512Mb RAM
>                                            -> Plastic -> 20s
>                                            -> Subversion ->  38s
> We added a 40 Mb file to the rep
>                                           -> Plastic -> 24s
>                                           -> Subversion -> 52 s
> BTW, we run the tests several times to confirm the results.
> So, yes, you can beat C written apps on Mono! :-)

Note that in those cases the design of the app plays a role much bigger
than the implementation language. Besides svn is known for being one of
the slowest systems, so you might want to compare with either Mercurial
or Git. In any case, if you have performance issues that show up in mono
that don't show up on .net, please let us know so we can try to fix


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