[Mono-dev] Mono.Security on Compat Framework

Sebastien Pouliot sebastien.pouliot at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 11:20:24 EST 2007

Hello Matthijs,

On Mon, 2007-02-05 at 17:04 +0100, Matthijs ter Woord wrote:
> Hi,
> For some private project, we've been trying to get Mono.Security
> running on the Compact .NET Framework.
> After we spend some ours of debugging, the major problem with it was
> that CF.NET seems to be lacking decent async method invocation
> support. Once we fixed that, the only thing we needed to do was copy
> some other parts of mono (mostly System.Security.Cryptography related)
> into the assembly.
> After this journey, I'd like to see whether there's any interest of
> getting these changes back to the Mono repository.

It would be easier to answer if the patch was attached ;-)

My guess is that some would be better inside Mono.Security and some

> This should probably be in a different project, which contains all
> kinds of compatibility classes, to emulate the normal .NET framework,
> but this seems quite doable to me.

That would be a useful project, i.e. having an assembly for CF to
upgrade it's ability (up to running Mono.Security or other stuff).

(*)We could look at hosting (parts of) your changes into Crimson too.

> I hope to gain some comments on this...
> Regards,
> Matthijs ter Woord
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