[Mono-dev] Problems with DOM serialization to XHTML

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Wed Feb 21 12:29:47 EST 2007

Hi *,

this is my first post to this list so, please, feel free to tell me (in
private) about policies and to redirect me to the right place if I am
out of topic. Thank you.

We are having some problems serializing an XmlDocument (DOM) that
represents an XHTML document into valid indented XHTML. The problem is
that the serialization code breaks empty tags adding a NL/CR between the
open and the closed tag, adding significant whitespace and making it
non-empty. So, for example, if a tag like:

<img src="..."></img>

is parsed (note that even not in the <img... /> form, it is a perfectly
valid, closed tag) a different one is output when the document is

<img src="...">

That is not valid XHTML anymore. A very simple solution would be to not
break empty tags (XmlElement.IsEmpty == true) or even shorten them into
the <.../> form (this probably would output invalid XHTML too but would
be easily fixable in the code manipulating the DOM while the current
problem has no apparent solution in the application code.)

Or am I simply doing it the wrong way? :D


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