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Fri Feb 8 08:55:55 EST 2008

marshals strings as UTF-8. Is this still valid for Mono 1.0 ? Any 
updates from ECMA of supporting UTF-8 as a valid charset type ?


>>> "Hemanth Yamijala" <yhemanth at> 7/7/2004 5:24:09 PM >>>

Currently, there is support in the Marshal and related classes
to marshal and de-marshal strings to Unicode, Ansi or platform
default encodings. Is there any chance that UTF-8 gets in this
list. Or is it already supported.

In some earlier messages in the newsgroup there're examples
which are using the native g_utf16_to_utf8 functions for this
- but as UTF-8 is a standard enough encoding, can there be 
more direct support for it.

Do the GTK# functions which require UTF-8 strings use the 
native functions to achieve this functionality ?

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