[Mono-dev] debug info and ilasm

Erven ROHOU erven.rohou at st.com
Mon Feb 11 09:56:39 EST 2008


I am part of the group at STMicroelectronics who is developing a GCC 
backend for CLI (http://gcc.gnu.org/projects/cli.html). At this point I 
am trying to add debugging information to the .il file and to use ilasm 
to produce the final exe/mdb files.
- I modified ILParser.jay and Location.cs to record '.line' directives 
and to emit the source line info in the file .mdb. But I could not 
figure out how file names are handled.
- I also would like to emit the names of the local variables. They seem 
to be parsed properly when present in the .il file. However, they are 
not emitted.

Could anybody point me to the right files or documentation I should look 
at? Any comment whatsoever about the approach is also welcome.



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