[Mono-dev] signal.c cross-thread access

tim.jenks at realtimeworlds.com tim.jenks at realtimeworlds.com
Mon Feb 2 03:46:47 EST 2009

Hi Jon & List,

Here's another take at this implemented as you suggested.

Couple of questions though:

> 1. Somehow find out which is preferable for "normal" UnixSignal usage:
>   a. One pipe/UnixSignal instance for the lifetime of the UnixSignal.
>   b. One pipe/UnixSignal instance for the lifetime of a WaitAny()
> I'm assuming "normal" is that a UnixSignal will last for the life of
> the
> application; that is, UnixSignal instances won't be short lived.
> Meanwhile, I'd expect WaitAny() to be comparatively infrequent, but
> have
> less clues about how it's used in practice.

We're using SIGRT* raised a bunch of times a second for the update tick
of a game server, I'm talking 20-30Hz. For our use case I think a) is
preferable, though I've implemented this as b) as suggested just now. 

What are your thoughts?

> You might need to change wait_for_any() to actually perform error
> checking on the read(h->read_fd, &c, 1) call, as this could now error
> if
> multiple threads are calling WaitAny().

What kind of error conditions are you expecting in this instance?

And finally, here's some comments on mph_int*:

Obviously the signal handler can be executing concurrently with the
other functions in signal.c that are guarded by the mutex; to keep a
consistent view of pipecnt in the signal handler I have used atomics:

1. There does not appear to be an equivalent to InterlockedIncrement in
the glib functions (returning the value after atomic inc), so there is
code in setup_pipes that would race if it were re-entrant. It isn't
re-entrant due to the global mutex being held but this needs tidying to
avoid confusion. Effectively, I need to: if
(InterlockedIncrement(pipecnt) == 1) { setup pipes }. 

2. Conversely, I needed an atomic decrement. Having looked at the glib
functions I could only find g_atomic_int_dec_and_test in 2.4. Is this
OK, or is there an a g_atomic_int_dec ? This is to achieve: if
(InterlockedDecrement(pipecnt) == 0) { teardown pipes }.
g_atomic_int_dec_and_test clearly does the job, but it's a little
inconsistent with InterlockedDecrement with respect to the mph_int*



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