[Mono-dev] gmcs and The Future

"Andrés G. Aragoneses" knocte at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 11:33:38 EST 2009

Scott Peterson wrote:
> It sounds like the general reaction is cautiously favorable. New
> language features would be nice, but they would require a commitment
> to maintenance. As I see it, whether we are willing to invest ongoing
> effort in a feature depends on the strength of the feature. A
> sufficiently "killer" feature will motivate its own upkeep.
> So what is (are) the killer feature(s)? I would be interested in
> organizing a forum for proposing and discussing language features. If
> for no other reason than as an excuse to talk about language design
> with smart people. This forum could start as an informal bake-off of
> ideas and brainstorms. If momentum builds behind a particular feature,
> we could formalize a proposal for its inclusion in the compiler. This
> allows the exploration of many ideas without the looming specter of
> feature-creep.
> If other people are interested in geeking out over language features,
> I suggest we get ourselves a little organized. We could hold forth
> right here, on this list, or we could create our own Google Group.
> Bugzilla is maybe another option. Maybe. Thoughts?

I really like this proposal. (Although I see why the people is worried
about maintaining the features, this may be worth it because it may be
an interesting incubator of proposals to Anders H. for next versions,
no?). I have a big pile of ideas that I was gathering in order to blog
as a 'C# wishlist', so I could contribute them to this discussion.

My suggestion is to use the wiki hosted in mono-project. We could create
a page with an index with links to all ideas (sub-pages). Every idea
could be voted up (+1) or down (-1) by the community, giving comments or
feedback about the vote, maybe causing the idea to mutate.

And after some time, the best ideas could be then created in Bugzilla
and tracked there...




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