[Mono-dev] Developing using Mono/Gtk# Vs Mono.WinForms (Windows & Linux)

Chris Hills chaz at chaz6.com
Fri Feb 13 10:57:57 EST 2009

Tom Opgenorth wrote:
>> What could be better to use Gtk# or Winforms?
> The rule of thumb would use:  if the majority of users are Windows,
> use WinForms.  If Linux, use GTK#.  Of course, this is assuming that
> you're equally skilled in both.

Bear in mind that if one chooses Gtk# one will have to include it with 
one's Windows packages, as the vast majority of Windows users do not 
have it installed already. Winforms is available in both .Net and Mono 
as standard. The desktop integration of WinForms in Mono could be 
improved if someone does the work to allow use of native widgets. I 
believe there was a GSoC project working on that, but I do not know if 
there has been any progress lately.

On a related note, I would like to see a Qt backend for WinForms 
available as well. I believe the KDE project is still working on Qyoto.

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