[Mono-dev] XIM problem with Winforms (svn)

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 18:38:50 EST 2009


I have a number of winforms applications which are failing to start
correctly. They work fine until about 123650 under svn. 

Under 123775, I had problems with FUTEX_WAIT (and it never completed).
Under 123860, when I run using mono -v <filename>.exe, I get at the end
(sorry for any mistakes, I'm on a different machine to the one the code
is on) 

Method System.Windows.Forms.X11Keyboard:SetupXIM() emitted at 0x5e7560
to 0x5e765e (code length 254) [colourmixer.exe] 
Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
System.Windows.Forms.X11Keyboard:XSupportLocale () emitted 0x5e7688 to
0x5e76cc (code length 68) [colourmixer.exe] 
Method (wrapper managed-to-native)
System.Windows.Forms.X11Keyboard:XSetLocaleModifiers (string) emitted at
0x5e76d0 to 0x5e773b (code length 107) [colourmixer.exe] 
Method (wrapper to native) System.Windows.Forms.X11Keyboard:XOpenIM
(intptr, intptr, intptr, intptr) emitted at 0x5e7740 to 0x5e7793 (code
length 83) [colourmixer.exe] 

strace suggests something is either in an endless loop (I get a
(time(NULL) = 1232452591, 4 semops, waitpid(3977, 0x3f8294, WNOHANG)=0,
nanosleep((10, 0), null) = 0) continually) 

Is there a simple fix for this or something I can look at to see if it
is mono at fault or my X server? 

Using Fedora rawhide, x86 


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