[Mono-dev] CS0016 error

Mudit Vaidya muditvaidya at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 09:54:03 EST 2009


I have built mono from source. I am trying to compile a file but I get 
the following error :

C:\Users\MICROSOFT\Desktop\mono-2.0.1\mono-2.0.1\mcs\mcs>mono mcs.exe 
g:\hello.c s
error CS0016: Could not write to file `g:\hello.exe', cause: Could not 
find a part of the path "g:\hello.exe".
Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings

When I put the hello.cs in the same directory as mcs.exe, it works fine 
but when I move it to any other directory, I get the CS0016 error.

Thanks !

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