[Mono-dev] PLDI 2009

Kirill Kononenko kirill.kononenko at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 13:09:02 EDT 2009

Hi Everyone

I will be participating at PLDI 2009 SRC (ACM Programming Language
Design and Implementation) with my poster "Mathematical Apparatus for
Aggressive Optimization of Register Allocation in a Library for
Just-In-Time Compilation in Microsoft Common Intermediate Language
Runtimes on Embedded Systems Software". The web page of this
conference is at http://www-plan.cs.colorado.edu/~pldi09/ . This
conference will be held in Ireland, Dublin, Trinity College from 15
June to 20 June.

I think this might be a great opportunity to meet in person with other
people, and discuss possible plans around libJIT integration. If
somebody also will attend this conference, please let me know, so we
may meet there in person.



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