[Mono-dev] how to use extern alias

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Mon Jun 8 04:38:55 EDT 2009

I've implemented a big part of the ironruby MVC implementation and would
like to run it on mono.
Because IronRuby defines the ExtensionAttribute in its own library together
with a bunch of delegates (Func, Action) there are type clashes with types
that live in System.Core
In visual studio I'd alias the assembly and use extern alias in my code to
get to the types in System.Core and avoid clashes. On Mono/MonoDevelop I
can't get it to build properly. Or at least I can get it to build by
reimplementing some of the linq methods I use.

but then when I start xsp2 on my sample app it complains again about the
ExtensionAttribute? How does mono resolve those types that is different than
.NET, because those assemblies are secondary references they aren't
referenced directly in the asp.net mvc project? They do both exist in the
same bin folder but that's about it they shouldn't clash like this I guess,
but I may be wrong.

Anyway it works on ms .NET w/ IIS but what I'm really interested in is
getting it to work on mono/nginx/fcgi :)

Met vriendelijke groeten - Best regards - Salutations
Ivan Porto Carrero
Author of IronRuby in Action (http://manning.com/carrero)
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