[Mono-dev] Mono on Windows 98

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Jun 15 14:02:09 EDT 2009

D.R.W. wrote:
> O.k., this description is only semi-helpful.
> Firstly, the link to unimono doesn't work at all anymore. Seems like this
> FAQ wasn't updated for a long time. Fortunately, libunicows can be found on
> the net.

The text in the FAX is addressed to porters and it's likely 5 years
old. No one has actually ported Mono to Win9x. Or at least the
port was not contributed back.

> Secondly: What is the linker's specs file? How am I supposed to find that
> out? A file name and path would have been helpful. So I'm asking you. Maybe
> you know what file they mean.


x.x.x is the GCC version.

> Thirdly: Where do I have to put what file? What files from MSLU are needed,
> what files from libunicows and where does each of them has to be copied?

Unicows.dll aside mono's bin files and libunicows.a into /lib/

Good luck (you'll need it ;)

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