[Mono-dev] Detect List<> from C code

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sat Jun 20 09:30:28 EDT 2009

Joachim Ante wrote:
> Hi,
> Whats the best way of checking if a MonoField* refers to a  
> System.Generic.Container.List<>? The check needs to be high performance.

The public API does not expose the necessary functions to
achieve this, but you could use a managed helper:

public static bool IsGenericTypeOf (Type genericInstance, Type 
	if (!genericInstance.IsGenericType)
		return false;

	if (!genericDefinition.IsGenericTypeDefinition)
		return false;
	return genericInstance.GetGenericTypeDefinition() ==

When you invoke this method, the type arguments are actually
MonoReflectionType*s which you can get from a class using
this code:

mono_type_get_object(mono_class_get_type (class))


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