[Mono-dev] [PATCH] CultureInfo_construct datetime_format and number_format fix for Windows.

Bill Holmes billholmes54 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 17:41:44 EDT 2009


On Windows users can customize the regional options for their
language.  To get this information you can call GetLocaleInfo to
obtain each individual setting.  The attached patch is a new
implementation of
and ves_icall_System_Globalization_CultureInfo_construct_number_format
for Windows to obtain the correct settings.

Also this patch contains a fix the missing implementation of
g_win32_getlocale in eglib.


2009-06-23  Bill Holmes  <billholmes54 at gmail.com>

	* locales.c  (ves_icall_System_Globalization_CultureInfo_construct_datetime_format)
	  (ves_icall_System_Globalization_CultureInfo_construct_number_format) :
	  For Windows call GetLocaleInfoA when possible to populate the culture info.
	  This is needed when users customize a language for the regional options.

	* locales.c (get_current_locale_name) : Replace the eglib call to

	Contributed under MIT/X11 license.
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