[Mono-dev] Webservice Method that Returns a DataTable not working.

davbman davbman at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 12:20:29 EDT 2009

I just started working with Mono-Developer for the first time.
I have a .Net app working over in Windows but now trying to port to be able
to run under Mono.
I am just doing some testing and things were going good.

I then went to test calling a WebService that was written in .Net and hosed
on an IIS box.

I first made a C# console app in Visual Studio that called the service.  The
method I tested was one that returns back a DataTable.

Works fine in Windows.

Tried over on Ubuntu box that I was testing other console apps I made in
Visual Studio with C# sharp so far that had worked, and this new test failed
(no errors even with me trying to trap and see em).

I then opened MonoDevelop and brought my code over in a new project.

Added the web reference.

Tried to run and had to do some more things to get it to compile (add
reference to System.Data, etc)

Then started to get error that the Method in my web service doesn't exist.

I then noticed that any method that returns a System.Data.DataTable doesn't
appear in the Intellisense when coding.

Removed reference and added back (via Add-In built into MonoDevelop) and on
the screen it shows you what it finds prior to adding it, I see that the
method I want to call is not there.

I changed the call to call one of the methods that is there, and it works
for those (returning strings or numbers).

I went back to my webservice code that is made in Visual Studio.  Changed
the code to fully qualify what it returns (as before it just said DataTable
since I had a using statement earlier).  Now returns a fully qualified
System.Data.DataTable.  Went back to MonoDevelop and removed and re-added
reference...still doesn't work.

So my question is, is there a limitation to returning a DataTable from a
WebService?  If not, what am I missing?
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