[Mono-dev] Literal does not handle enableviewstate false.

APS dev.malst at apsystems.it
Mon May 18 04:39:46 EDT 2009


I'm experiencing this strange (to me) thing.
I placed a couple of literal controls inside a web page, giving them 
a starting value and setting EnableViewState="false", both in aspx 
and in codebehind.
During Page_Load I change the value of literal setting
the first time it works, I obtain
but, at the second postback, I obtain

it should happen with viewstate enabled because it keeps the new 
value between postbacks but with viestate disabled it should reset 
the value to default and I should obtain everytime "mytextdefault".
Using the same assemblies in .Net Framework it works. Maybe it's a 
known issue or it's by design?
Thanks in advance.

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