[Mono-dev] [OT] monoBOTICS Robotic/Automation Framework for Linux/Mono in Alpha release

buhochilenoi@gmail.com buhochileno at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 17:40:48 EDT 2010

Hi All,

Following the Euan announcement about Icarus, I take the opportunity to 
introduce to the mono community our Robotic/Automation Framework called 

With monoBOTICS you can integrate different robotic and automation 
devices such:

Devantech sensors.
Sabertooth motor controllers.
Phidgets devices.
Bioloid and Dynamixel AX-S1, AX-12 servomotors.
Lynxmotion SSC32 servo controller.
P5 Dataglove.
X10 devices.
NCD Zigbee HW (coming soon).
DSC Alarm systems (coming soon).

And many others to come (Laser range sensors, robotics arms, etc.)

All into one place taking advantage of all Icarus features (graphics, 
simulations, video using ffmpeg, etc.), plus the ability to integrate 
artificial neuronal networks for A.I via NeuronDotNet all in a fantastic 
3D way or also as a Winform, GTK# or ASP.NET stand alone application.

We are at Alpha 1 state, witch mean that this is a technical preview 

This product should be considered fairly raw for the time being, it's 
not ready for general public consumption, but is open to the mono 
community for evaluation and consideration.

See http://www.monobotics.ic.uach.cl 
<http://www.pointscape.com.sg/joomla> for details, sample videos and 
downloads! Please mail to monobotics-users at lists.sourceforge.net 
<mailto:monobotics-users at lists.sourceforge.net> if you get stuck or want 


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