[Mono-dev] Mscorlib too old for this runtime

F. Miguel Carvalho mcarvalho at cc.isel.ipl.pt
Wed Mar 31 13:01:08 EDT 2010



We have checkout the last version of mono Project from svn repository and we
have successfully built the mono vm. 


As class libraries we are using those from Mono 2.6.3 installation. 


However when we try to run any application on the built mono vm we get a
message: mscorlib too old for this runtime.


So we have tried to compile the class libraries from mcs project, but we get
a lot of errors on Cygwin.


Is there any recent compiled version from mono class libraries for windows
that we can get, or do you have any Visual studio solution to build mcs?


Thank you,

Fernando Miguel Carvalho

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