[Mono-dev] Interrop native lib

olivier dufour olivier.duff at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 18:52:01 EDT 2010


I try to create my own extension for banshee but I have an issue

My project contain 2 project files: 1 c++ project with a native lib and a
managed part for extension and glue with banshee.

All my code is here : http://github.com/dufoli/banshee

All work yesterday, and today, I do not know why but I get a
DllNotFoundException :
liblastfmfpBridge.so whereas this lib is in the same folder.

my config file contain :
  <dllmap dll="liblastfmfpBridge.dll" target="liblastfmfpBridge.so"
  <dllmap dll="liblastfmfpBridge.dll" target="liblastfmfpBridge.dylib"

and I declare cpp function like that:
        static extern IntPtr Lastfmfp_initialize (int rate, int seconds, int
winsize, string artist, string album, string title, int tracknum, int year,
string genre);

but when I call initalize, I get a DllNotFoundException
: liblastfmfpBridge.so
whereas lib is in folder. And liblastfmBridge.so use liblastfmfp.so which is
copy to the bin folder too.
I have try to add both .so in /usr or in ld_config path but it change

I follow the documentation but find nothing in
Thanks for any help...

Olivier Dufour
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