[Mono-dev] Reading Exif Data with System.Drawing or Gtk#

Patrick Kowalzick patrick.kowalzick at web.de
Thu Sep 30 13:43:37 EDT 2010

Hello Sebastien,

thanks for your answer.

Am 27.09.2010 14:16, schrieb Sebastien Pouliot:
>> Does anyone has a pointer for me, where to search for more information,
>> or how to read Exif Data using Gtk?
> Mono (well libgdiplus) use libexif. A quick googling returned the
> following link:
> http://www.koders.com/csharp/fid6E5A26A44CC15C401B9D4B4C11EE862ECB6B1D26.aspx?s=zoom#L113

I wasn't aware of this dependency, and I do not find libexif inside the 
Windows installation of mono.

Anyway I will check for runtime and existance of exiflib and implement a 
special handling for "mono with exiflib". The System.Drawing solution 
maybe slow sometimes, but is always a safe fallback.


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