[Mono-dev] R <-> mono: linking to libmono.a on windows (cygwin) problems

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Dec 16 18:30:23 EST 2011


Linking with libmono.a is not supported under Cygwin.
Moreover, linking a cygwin app with libmono.la (libmono.dll.a
-> mono.dll) would disable Mono's SIGSEGV handler. This means
that NullReferenceExceptions would crash your app.

> A compilation like:
> g++ -o rDotNet.dll -I<mono include dir>  -L<R libs>  -L<mono libs>   *.cpp -lR
> -lmono-2.0

Try g++ -mno-cywin ...

It should work if the R libs were compiled with -mno-cywin as well.


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