[Mono-dev] Cross-Compilation Problem

krisztian.kocsis at optimaster.eu krisztian.kocsis at optimaster.eu
Thu Mar 31 04:04:45 EDT 2011


 Yesterday I'v cross-compiled Mono 2.6.7 to PowerPC 603E.

 First I'v compiled it for the build environment (x86) to build the base 
 class libraries.
 Second I'v compiled it for the host environment (powerpc-603e) without 
 the 'mcs'.

 Configure arguments are the same (expect --disable-msc-build for host).
 Mono version is the same (compiled from the same tarball).
 GLib version is the same (2.24.4).

 I'v also copied the base class libraries from lib/mono to the host but 
 I still have the 'invalid CLI image' error when trying to execute a Mono 
 The runtime itself works (at least it tries to do someting with the 
 It says this error for mscorlib.dll! :(

 Cross-toolchain: gcc-4.1.1, binutils-2.17, glibc-2.5, linux-2.24

 Note that the build environment is little-endian but the host 
 environment is big-endian!

 Any ideas why do I still get this error?


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