[Mono-dev] Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable() not working in Linux ASP.NET app

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Nov 3 10:47:37 EDT 2011

On 03.11.2011 14:12, H . wrote:
> Hi Robert,

> thanks for your hints.
> The link sent describes how environment variables can be set up in
> Ubuntu. Of course, nobody would try to manually set up environment
> variables when trying to configure proxies. This is done by using
> System>Settings>Network Proxy. After that, Ubuntu sets up the
> necessary environment variables. In case of the no_proxy environment
> variable this can be tested by issuing "echo $no_proxy" on the
> command line.

Yes, you may see it on *your* own command line, as a normal user,
but the web server (you didn't specify which one, so we can't help)
may have its own environment default settings.

A common way to solve that (if Ubuntu's config tools don't
provide a facility to set either global or web server
specific vars) is to set this env var globally and manually.


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