[Mono-dev] Patches for mono-winforms

Stifu stifu at free.fr
Fri Jun 1 23:33:29 UTC 2012

You could just write tests for what's easy to test, and leave the rest.
As a bonus, you could post links to related bug reports here, and attach
patch + unit test (if any) in each of them. You don't need to bother with
GitHub for now.

I'll have a look and review what I can.


Steven Boswell II wrote
> I reported a few of them in Bugzilla, but I wasn't sure if that database
> got any attention, e.g. the DataGridView.SelectionRows bug wasreported
> months ago and go no reply.  I don't currently have an account on GitHub;
> if I absolutely must have one, I'll go make one, but I wasn't planning to
> do that unless I started making tons of changes or something.  Also, how
> does one write a unit test for something that has to be verified visually
> (e.g. fixing ToolStripItem.BackColor) or via user interaction (e.g. fixing
> DataGridView.SelectionRows)?  So I suppose, yes, I need help :-)
> Steven Boswell
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> Hello,
> Thanks for your work.
> If I'm not mistaken, you reported each of these bugs, right? At least I
> could find the two first ones in bugzilla, but didn't go further. Anyway,
> I
> suggest you make pull requests for each bug separately, specifying the bug
> number. Also, please include unit tests with each patch, highlighting what
> was fixed. I know it's more work, but it will make commiters more
> confident
> with your changes, and will guarantee no one will ever break these parts
> again.
> Let me know if you need help.
> Steven Boswell II wrote
>> I work in a shop where our apps are written with C# and WinForms.  Thank
>> God for Mono; I'm allowed to do all my work under Linux with Mono, and my
>> code works fine under MS Windows and .NET.
>> Recently, I ran into a showstopper bug in mono-winforms, and finally
>> decided to look through the code.  I fixed the bug quickly.  That led me
>> to looking for the source of other, non-showstopper bugs I've
>> encountered,
>> and those went quickly too.  Enclosed is an archive with all of the bug
>> fixes I made, which were made against the latest version on GitHub.  (I
>> originally made these bug fixes against version 2.10.5, the most recent
>> one in Fedora Core 16's yum repos.)
>> Patch 1 implements the EditingControlShowing event in DataGridView.
>>  Before, it wasn't called at all.  I had to split a
>> DataGridViewCell.StyleEditingControl() method off of
>> DataGridViewCell.InitializeEditingControl(); under .NET, ComboBox.Items
>> is
>> initialized before EditingControlShowing is posted, and this split was
>> necessary to get Mono to work that way too.  Styles modified in the
>> EditingControlShowing event are now applied to text-box and checkbox
>> controls too, not just combo-boxes.
>> Patch 2 resolves different behavior between .NET and Mono when the user
>> leaves a DataGridView.  Under .NET, the last-edited cell is committed;
>> under Mono, changed made to the last-edited cell are lost.  It was a
>> one-line fix.
>> Patch 3 fires the DataGridView.SelectionChanged event when the selected
>> rows/columns changes.  Before, the values of the SelectedRows and
>> SelectedColumns properties were semi-random during the SelectionChanged
>> event; now they're accurate.
>> Patches 4 and 5 fix two different exception-throws I encountered when
>> ComboBox.Items.Remove() is called with an item that's not in the combo
>> box.  .NET doesn't throw any exceptions in this case.
>> Patch 6 fixes the implementation of BackColor on ToolStripItem objects.
>>  Now it behaves like it does under .NET, i.e. the BackColor setting on
>> menu items etc. shows up.
>> I would very much appreciate it if you would consider committing these
>> changes.  My MS-Windows-oriented co-workers were impressed by how quickly
>> bugs in Mono can be found and fixed.  Who knows, maybe I'll get some
>> converts to open-source.  (It amazes me that this sort of thing still has
>> to be evangelized...sigh.)
>> Steven Boswell
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