[Mono-dev] Patches for mono-winforms

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 12:40:11 UTC 2012

On 06/02/2012 11:20 PM, Steven Boswell II wrote:
> Argh...one more dumb oversight in my change.
> Enclosed is ANOTHER version of the patch.
> I wish I had the luxury of working on my hobbies when I was awake and 
> energetic. ;-)
> Steven Boswell
I guess that is a luxury i have ;-)..  i don't/can't work anymore since 
i lost my mind.  I have something they call schizoaffective disorder, 
which is the 'best of both worlds': I'm schizophrenic and i'm bipolar..  
But physically i'm fine, i just can't keep a job because, for example, 
paranoia in my last full time job caused me to stop showing up to work 
because i was convinced the boss was going to hang me (Yes, i thought i 
would die.. The funny thing is, if i think about it, he had nothing 
negative to say about me).  It had someting to do with the fact that he 
was the C.E.O. i reported to, and 'executive' sounded in my disturbed 
mine like 'executioner'.  Oh, I'm full of stories, but this is the wrong 
place for them..

Suffice it to say, I now have plenty of time for hobbies like this.  I 
can't afford rent or anything, but i get about $2,000/month from the 
government plus medical insurance to sit around and do nothing....


p.s. Working on mono has been good for me, i haven't had a hallucination 
in at least 2 weeks, which my therapist was really impressed with (she 
was the one who pointed it out, because i always e-mail her when i 
experience something odd).  Goes to show the reason i went from just a 
mild mood disorder when i was working to full blown schizophrenia was 
that i wasn't keeping busy enough.  Keeping busy here is good for me.
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