[Mono-dev] Embedded mono - cross compile on cygwin and linux

Matthias D. matthi.d at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 4 08:42:45 UTC 2012


I did setup my system like this (can anyone tell me why this linked email
was not sent to the mailing list?):

Some additions to that mail (that was somehow not send).
I know this scenario is currently unsupported, but is there anything I can
do to prevent breaking changes to that scenario as I noticed these changes
will not work on master!
On master branch mono it will not make with the erorr:

Like I said: I managed to get it working with 2.11.1 do it shouldn't be
difficult to get it working on master, should it?
Or will you continue to let this scenario be unsupported? (Read the above

I will continue to work some time on this scenario (the above mono
statically embedded in a native app on cygwin -> mingw cross compile).
Currenty I'm trying to debug a SIGSEGV and a SIGILL most likely caused by
the embedded mono.
What I'm tried to do is compile mono with the "-g" flag but I still doesn't
get a propper stack stack trace (bt in gdb).
Any hints how I could track this one down?

Thanks for your time reading this,

PS: I hope you can also answer the questions in the linked Email (that was
not sent).
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