[Mono-dev] Patches for mono-winforms

Steven Boswell II ulatekh at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 8 02:15:17 UTC 2012

Stifu, did you have any better luck running your DgwTest, or my patch #1, successfully?  I was never able to reproduce the hang you described.

I will hopefully have time and energy this weekend to write unit tests for more of the patches I sent earlier.

I want to fix the appearance of disabled ListBox controls -- currently, they don't look any different than enabled ListBox controls.  Digging around the other controls, it seems that most of them simply draw the text with the GrayText color, they don't do anything fancier than that to implement the disabled look.  Enclosed is a patch that does that for ListBox.  If you know of a better way to accomplish this effect, I'm all ears.

Steven Boswell
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