[Mono-dev] Mac testing - My patch works, but overall mac unit tests freeze at unknown test

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 01:19:49 UTC 2012

Ok, with or without my patch from my oldest pull request, the unit tests 
freeze up on a mac for system.windows.forms.  So i can't run my unit 
test.  I had to update the config in the source directory 
(runtime/etc/mono) with the config file from my mac's install for the 
tests to really run at all.

I did run the attached test2.cs on the mac though and it demonstrates 
that my patch fixes what it was supposed to fix:
(1) Without the patch, thread 1 seems to get both idle calls (as soon as 
it gets the idle call it unassigns the event handler).  That is the case 
even though thread 3 assign the seocnd idle handler.
(2) With the patch, thread 1 gets thread 1's idle call, and thread 3 
gets thread 3's idle call.  That's what is supposed to happen.

With or without the patch, though, i can' t seem to exit test2.cs 
cleanly (without a break (Ctrl+C)).

All that remains for my end is testing on Windows.  It's 9pm here now, i 
doubt i'll finish that tonight.  I'm not sure i'm even going to get 
started tonight.

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