[Mono-dev] Ok, I think i'm done for a day or two

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 19:05:12 UTC 2012

First, if you're an important person with too much to do, feel free to 
skip this message.  I just wanted to write a little about my last 3 days 
worth of mono related testing and such.

Ok, So I found a bug in my first patch that was sitting in my queue... 
At first, it only happenned in windows, but i was eventually able to 
reproduce it on Linux too by massively re-running the tests outside of 
nunit until i could reproduce it...

I re-patched it, it involved a race condition on creating the dictionary 
(when you had more than one thread assigning an idle handler at the same 
time), was easy enough to fix, and once i fixed it i never had the 
problem again on either linux or windows despite massive retesting, so 
i'm guessing it's fixed for good.

I also created a new behavior for windows - It wasn't calling idle when 
it went idle, now it will.

Those were the two commits from today and yesterday....

The patch is now sitting on a pull request, which i expect to be sitting 
there a while because it's probably hard to find someone else who can 
confirm nothing is broken on all three platforms if they need to test it 
first (I did my testing, though, but i am not an official 'mono dev', 
just a hacker with time on my hands).  It contains something like 15 
commits, which i know is a mess, but i've already started the process of 
creating future unrelated patches (one so far) in alternate branches.  
The branched patch i am trying to hold off on submitting for pull until 
the other patches are thru, because it depends on them anyway only 
because they were in master which this was branched from.  That, and i 
have to figure out how to resolve the fact that i've submitted new 
commits to master since the other branch was created and had some of its 
own commits.

I spent a couple of days testing this (and it appears windows winforms 
are more buggy than X11 Winforms, incidentally, which is surprpising).  
I think what i have works now, if anyone disagrees, please let me know 
so i can get back to work.  But otherwise, i'm taking a day or two off.  
I spent half my sunday and most of monday and half tuesday between 
testing on 3 platforms and working out the kinks.


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