[Mono-dev] .net winforms and windows

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 19:42:20 UTC 2012

I wanted to think about what to work on next, and i wonder if anyone has 
an opinion on this:

In my testing of .net winforms on windows i received a lot of gdi+ 
object busy errors when i was testing a multithreaded app, regardless of 
what thread the form was 'created' in (what thread the form was shown in 
may have been a factor).    This only happened on Win32, and caused 
crashes in the apps when it occurred.

If there really is an issue with gdi+ objects being busy because they 
are being accessed from both threads, then perhaps (and i haven't looked 
at the code yet) -- well, perhaps the calls to gdi+ should be made 
thread safe or at least thread "safer".  i.e. Something as simple as 
creating a gdi+ lock or something similar, and before anything tries to 
access gdi+ acquire the lock (at least on win32, which is the only place 
this seemed to be an issue).  IT should be better to make an app wait 
for a thread to finish using gdi+ (wait for the lock) then for otherwise 
the application to crash altogether in a WmPaint command.

i know winforms, unofficially offically, is dead, but this seems like a 
simple enough thing to try to correct.


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