[Mono-dev] Patches for mono-winforms

Alan alan.mcgovern at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 18:54:14 UTC 2012

It depends on what exactly it is you're testing. If your test is
modifying static variables, that can easily cause other tests to fail.
Do you know if the test you modified is now altering static state
whereas previously it was not?


On 16 June 2012 17:32, Steven Boswell II <ulatekh at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I just ran into a puzzler...I was trying to write a unit test for patch #10,
> even though I've only seem the bug manifest when running my application
> under MonoDevelop.  It doesn't manifest outside of MonoDevelop, so it
> shouldn't manifest during NUnit, but I was trying anyway.
> Enclosed is a patch for one of the ToolStripItem unit tests.  It
> succeeds...but it causes another unit test to fail!  I thought these tests
> ran independently of each other?  How could changes to one unit test cause a
> different one to fail?
> Steven Boswell
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