[Mono-dev] Patches for mono-winforms

Stifu stifu at free.fr
Sun Jun 17 22:08:14 UTC 2012

What I do on Windows is only build WinForms, and that takes 2 seconds. But
this requires fixing the WinForms project first. (By the way, I tried
building Mono on Linux today, but got an error during the make... I'll have
to try again later.)

I can confirm this DgvTest works as expected. So I take it only the DgvTest
project was wrong, but the patch and unit test were correct.

Steven Boswell II wrote
> OK, I can now run Mono under MS Windows.  The last version of my
> test-project (attached again, for your convenience) now dies where it's
> supposed to in an unpatched Mono, i.e. it gets past 1-1.
> I'm already checking with OS I'm on in this test.  Apparently that wasn't
> enough.  My guess is that I'm running into some
> other incompatibility between .NET and Mono, one way outside the scope of
> my bug fix.  But the enclosed test-project checks both for MS Windows and
> for the absence of Mono before using the god-awful P/Invoke-based mouse
> click.
> Rob: I'm trying to build latest Mono on MS Windows, and have applied the
> patch you posted yesterday.  I'll let you (and everyone else) know how far
> I got.  Hopefully I'll be able to run the enclosed test-project against it
> successfully & FINALLY get this patch committed.
> MY GOD, building Mono under MS Windows is slow.  I don't realize how
> spoiled I am by Linux until times like this.
> Steven Boswell
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> Hah. To run the application with Mono on Windows, you should use the Mono
> command prompt, and run the application using the "mono myapp.exe"
> command.
> The default window icon is different, which will confirm the application
> is
> run with Mono.
> For what it's worth, P/Invokes should work with Mono on Windows. So if you
> have to use P/Invokes, maybe you shouldn't check with framework the
> application is running on, but which OS you're on.
> "And re: getting bug fixes accepted, and WinForms not being a priority for
> the Mono project...what about the bug fix for GetFileSystemEntries() I
> posted a week ago?  That's not WinForms, and I haven't heard a peep about
> it."
> I don't know. I'm not on the Mono team, and only deal with WinForms.
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