[Mono-dev] Stifu: When you get to patches 5-9 let me know -- don't apply them necessarily

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 12:13:53 UTC 2012


When we get up to the point where we would apply patches 5-9 (again
they're all part of the same fix) let me know.

What i'll do once the rest of the fixes are in is I'll then see if I can
get that all into one patchfile for you properly formatted, etc.

So if you've applied patch 1, that means just get through patches 2,3,4
- i'll re-do patch 5-9 so it's all properly formatted, etc. as a single
patch like it should have been to begin with.   But not until we get up
to that.

I might wind up doing the same thing individually with patch 2,3,4 if we
need to (but they will be one at a time as we get to them).


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