[Mono-dev] F_SETLK value

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 23:07:32 UTC 2012

In Mono.Posix/Mono.Unix.Native/Syscall.cs:

F_SETLK is hard coded to be 13

That may work on 32-bit linux.

But it doesn't work on 64-bit linux, and from what i can tell it won't
work on Mac.

On 64-bit Linux: The value should be 6.

On my 64-bit Mac: The value should be 8.

I wouldn't be surprised if the whole FcntlCommand enum has to be
platform specific.  If so, I can handle 64-bit Linux and Mac, perhaps,
if i knew what #ifdef's to include for each, which i'm sure i can figure
out by digging around code.

Anyone have suggestions on how to do this, or want to do it themselves? 
This is in response to this bug report:

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