[Mono-dev] xCopy deploy mono ?

quandary quandary82 at hailmail.net
Sat Jun 23 21:17:21 UTC 2012


I am about to deploy a .NET 4 application on Windows.
Since my application runs on Linux as well, I'm pretty sure it will run
fine on the Windows version of mono.

I'd like that users that don't have the .NET framework installed can use
my application as well, even when they have no admin rights.

>From the application perspective, this is very possible.
But what happens when the .NET Framework 4 is not installed, and the
user has no admin rights, or the user is too stupid to install framework
4, and the installer fails ?
Exactly, crap.

So I thought:
Is it possible to xcopy deploy the entire mono runtime on Windows
(everything without admin rights), so that it works on x32 AND x64 ?

Via Google I found a blog post on
from which I deduce that it's possible, though it doesn't say how.

The mono download page says download the installer and execute as

Sooo - is it possible ?
If yes - how ?

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