[Mono-dev] TCP Async

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 10:47:51 UTC 2012

Not knowing anything else, I saw that there was very recently work done
in Async Sockets, The following commit, date June 18th (about a week and
a half ago) is titled "Fix Async Sockets", it's a one line change but
seems to include a unit test which would indicate they are working
properly now:

On 06/27/2012 03:08 AM, Greg Young wrote:
> We are experiencing an issue with async behaviours in sockets (with
> SendAsync/callback not Begin/End).
> Our visible issue is that when in a send loop we will fail on our
> heartbeats. After debugging and counting calls into/out of
> SendAsync/callback we see that we are inside of a call to SendAsync
> (eg: it never returns, in our case for 10 seconds before we declare
> the socket dead). We can duplicate this fairly regularly on
> mac/bsd/linux though its nonconsistent (sometimes it may happen
> repeatedly other times it works fine). The code does not have such
> issues on MS CLR. We are also running on loopback so its unlikely that
> an underlying network problem is causing the hang up. The code itself
> is fairly straight forward (not that different than the MS example of
> the API except that its fully async (separate send/receive loops while
> the example is request/response))
> I am pulling sources now to build latest but does anyone happen to
> know of known issues with this sort of thing?
> Cheers,
> Greg

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