[Mono-dev] Cross-compile mono to MIPS SOC w/CodeSourcery 3.93?

Autif Khan autif.mlist at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 23:11:53 UTC 2012

> Hello---
> I'm trying to cross-compile mono 2.10.2 from the source tarball.  My build
> machine is an x86 Linux PC running Fedora (could use one of the other
> distros of that makes things easier).  The target is a SOC with a vanilla
> MIPS 24Kc core (little-endian, no FPU).
> I found some instructions for ARM (http://mono-project.com/Mono%3aARM &
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4955314/cross-compile-mono-for-arm) which
> I tried to adapt for MIPS, but have come up short.  I'll spare the error
> messages, but it dies in ./configure.  I believe the root cause is not
> setting the right combination of environment variables for confogure to
> properly use the CodeSourcery 3.93 toolchain.
> Specifically, I don't see (from looking at the output of ./configure --help)
> how to override the default x86 headers and libraries, which would be needed
> in addition to the compiler, linker, etc.  Does anyone have more detailed
> instructions on how I might accomplish this?  I am not a newbie, but am
> somewhat new to cross-compiling.  The tutorial information I've been able to
> find on automake, etc, is very general.
> If I get enough hints to pull this off I'll be happy to write up a detailed
> Wiki by way of compensation.
> Thx in advance---
> Maadmole
> ================
> _prefix=mips-linux-gnu
> export CC=$CSRC_ROOT/${_prefix}-gcc
> export CXX=$CSRC_ROOT/${_prefix}-g++
> export CPP=$CSRC_ROOT/${_prefix}-cpp
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --disable-mcs-build --host=mipsel
> --enable-minimal=profiler,debug,logging,soft_debug --without-mcs-docs
> --disable-mono-debugger

See of the following config options work for you.

I use them for my embedded mono (x86 and arm)

--disable-mcs-build mono_cv_uscore=no --with-tls=pthread
--with-sigaltstack=no --with-mcs-docs=no

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