[Mono-dev] Upcoming pull request; Generating csproj files and compiling Mono in Visual Studio

Marek Safar marek.safar at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 15:13:30 UTC 2013

Hi J-M,

> I finally followed up on some upgrades to the build process generating the
> visual studio csproj and solution files. For reference prior discussions
> are at
> http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/mono-devel-list/2012-May/thread.html#38852
> .
> I have a fork at https://github.com/jmp75/mono/commits/master. Before
> submitting my first pull request I'd like to double-check where the bar is.
> Mostly, I do not know who uses these .csproj files and for what; if you do,
> I'd like to hear advice/comment from you.

The work looks good just few comments.

Match names of sln files to Mono profiles (e.g net_2_0, net_4_5, etc). I
don't think we need to include basic or build profiles, they are bootstrap
profiles which are not needed when you have VS/MD installed.

Please check Mono coding guidelines before submitting the pull request.


> Current status is:
> - Generates distinct project files for successive versions of assemblies
> whose build is iterative (circular dependencies)
> - Projects reference other projects, in preference to referencing relative
> paths to a DLL.
> - Most assemblies then compile in visual studio, BUT there are some issues
> yet to weed out (mcs-build, some unit test assemblies)
> - Multiple solutions files are generated, with different scopes (the full
> one has ~300 projects)
> - Tested on a Windows+cygwin+Mono+MS.NET setup. Not yet run on Linux.
> I'll polish what I can, meaning documentation and hopefully figure out
> some compilation issues, but don't want to raise the bar and delay the pull
> request unnecessarily.
> Regards,
> J-M
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