[Mono-dev] OracleClient fixes

Neale Ferguson NealeFerguson at verizon.net
Wed Mar 20 16:34:47 UTC 2013

Problems - 
1. 64-bit Oracle routine uses size_t for some of its parameters to
OCICharSetToUnicode and OCIUnicodeToCharSet. Mono is marshalling variables
to UnmanagedType.U4 which causes a segv when call either of these functions.
Use UnmanagedType.SysUInt instead fixes that problem.

2. In OracleParameter.SetOracleType a null variable "value" may be passed
but is not handled by the code. When it tries value.GetType() it gets a null
reference exception. Code was added to test for this null value and to set
the type to typeof(System.DBNull)

diffs attached. 


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