[Mono-dev] Error building mono from sources

tzvi ELIMELECH leibovitch telebovich at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 1 11:42:31 UTC 2013


I updated recently my mono source code from git and tried to install it.
On make step it failed with an error
make[4]: *** No rule to make target 'Compat.browser', needed for 'all-am'. Stop.
make[4]: Exit from folder '/home/telebovich/Projects/mono/data/net_2_0/Browsers'

I did a quick look into that folder and found a recent change in it commit ae17ceeecc0d2fa266ba706f97470b28f56a3067
Is this commit related to my problem? Can I fix this somehow? Is a bug report needed?

Thank you,
Robert Lebovich
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